New purpose

So I haven’t written on this website in awhile, and that’s because I have been busy trying to grow my brand, I also re-branded as well as giving my brand a meaning. My brand now has a purpose and a reason to its existence. My brand now raises awareness for teen suicide, it also provides motivation to people, I want my company to be associated with hope and motivation. I was interviewed by an entrepreneur by the name of M. Curtis McCoy, he cought interest in my brand and decided to live interview me on Facebook. I have started selling clothing at to really help this brand grow, I want to make sure my message gets out their and to let them know their is hope out there, and whatever they’re going through; they’re not going through it alone, I want to try to unite people because I feel that has been lost in today’s society.

Over the next year I will be focused on growing this brand and letting people hear my message, I have created accounts on every social media platform to try to reach as many people as possible, I will start speaking in public places and doing interviews to grow this brand and get my message out there that there is hope, and people will pass through the storm they are going through, as well as motivate them to follow their dreams and do what they want to achieve in life. I will try and write 2-3 blog posts a week, so please follow so you can stay updated on my journey to greatness.

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