The path of vocation

There’s going to be things in life that get in your way of what you’re trying to achieve, its often at these moments that you will want to quit. Its around this time all your friends and family are going to tell you to stop, to play it safe. Go to college, get a job. You may want to listen to listen to these voices, this is when you will need to dig in deep and remember why you started, because that’s the only thing that will keep you working towards your goal.

The path to success; the path to something meaningful is hell and you will not get there unless you have a strong reason as to why you started, but never give up because your goal is worth every second of time you put in. If you give up on your goals and dreams then you didn’t want them that bad. the universe has a way of weaving out those who don’t really want their goals but say they do. Sometimes success is just sticking with the grind when other people are letting go, so stay on that rough path and it will be worth it. You will start to see success.

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