Never Stay Down

This is one of the many important topics to me. In life you’re going to get knocked down several times trying to do something, nothing worth having is going to be easy to get. You’re going to have to fight for it and that is going to include you getting knocked down over and over again. This is when most people give up and quit pursuing their goals because an obstacle gets in their way and they just give up, rather than pushing through it. This is why most people in life settle and work a 9-5 busting balls for someone else.

I’m a young entrepreneur, just barely turned 18 and I’m trying to make a name for myself. Currently I am trying to start up two companies and I have had several set backs trying to achieve this, but I have a strong desire to make these work so I keep going no matter what gets in my way. One of my companies is an apparel company, I contacted and talked to 23 different suppliers trying to get the product I wanted for the price I wanted. It was really frustrating after each failed attempt with each of the suppliers I felt as though I would never be able to get this apparel company because there weren’t going to be any suppliers to give me what I wanted. I was ready to give up until something told me to just contact one more retailer; and it turns out they had the material I wanted and would be able to sell me the product for the price I wanted, because I didn’t give up I will be able to pursue my dream of having an apparel company because I didn’t give up. My other company I am trying to start up has been a little more challenging because its in even more of a competitive market then clothes, but I’m learning everything about it so I can get ahead of my competition and get a loyal customer base.

The lesson I’m getting at here is if you give up because you’re not seeing progress or not making the amount of money you want to be making; you’ll never achieve what you wanted because you gave up. If you fail just try one more time and try something new, and repeat the process until you see results or get it right, persistency does pay off, if you keep going at it and learning from your failures it’s going to come to you. If it were easy everyone would do what you wanted to do; but they dont because its not easy. So quit putting it off and get after it.

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Experiences Not Expenses

This Thought came to me one night because I was laying in bed; but we all want fancy cars and fancy houses with our Gucci flip flops and our supreme shirts, but why do we want that stuff so badly? Its not going to follow us to our graves; once we leave this earth none of that stuff ever mattered we just thought it did because of the materialistic society we live in. When you’re on death bed you’re not going to think about the nice cars or big houses you had. What is really going to matter to you at that point in time is the regret you have for not traveling the world and getting experiences. A nice car isn’t going to make your life complete, you are just going to get bored with it in a few years and want a new one and the process will just repeat.

The biggest thing when people are looking back in life, they say they have a lot of regret for things they didn’t do. One thing you cant get back in life is time; money will return and the nice things will fade but time is a consistent thing that once its gone its impossible to get back. Those nice cars and houses are going to be irrelevant soon after you receiving those items, but something that is valuable and you will be happy you have are memories. Since the money will return we need to learn to go on trips and travel because those experiences are going teach us things and we are going to value forever, as well as getting priceless memories that we will hold forever. Rather than buying those nice cars or houses we can save our money and live a moderate life in return for travel and limitless memories that we will be happy we made with family and friends.

I used to want the nice fancy cars and big houses but I’m learning that those nice things aren’t going to matter when I get them, my life isn’t going to be very much different then when it was before I got those things. What is going to change my life will be traveling to other countries and states and experiencing things I will never forget. This brings me to the title of the post Experiences Not Expenses. Would you rather look back in life and regret it because you never traveled because you were in to much debt with the nice car and nice house? Or would you rather look back on the memories you had and know you lived a full complete life with no regrets. We only die once, and everyday we have a new opportunity to change our lives. Why do people go through lives being miserable working 9-5 every day. We only have a limited amount of time on this earth, make the most of it and live with no regrets.

The Golden Rule

We all know what the golden rule is “treat people the way you want to be treated” but very few of us actually care to follow this rule. Which is very unfortunate, because the world could always use more kindness; but instead we all treat each other poorly and talk bad about each other behind their backs. Then accuse them of spreading drama; the world is fake which is why I’m writing this; I’m trying to influence people to be nicer to each other and to spread positivity around them. For the rest of this week and all of next week I challenge each of you to do one nice thing a day for a different person each day. It can be a complete stranger or it can be someone you love it doesn’t matter. It can be as simple as smiling kindly at a person you pass in public; or buying someone you love a gift, because people are going to remember you by how you treat other people and not the possessions you own.

Let me tell you a story about one day when I was at the gym. It was the end of my workout and I was walking out of the building, and I was right behind this guy and he opened the door but he did not hold it for me and just kept walking; and I kept a mental note of this in my head. The next morning I was walking into the gym to begin my workout and I saw the guy right behind me, so I held the door open for him. The guy just kept looking at his phone he didnt even look up or say thank you for me holding the door open for him, and I remember that because it kinda hurt me a little that the guy had no manners.

But you cant let one bad experience ruin it for you; you should still treat people with kindness even if they don’t return it. Do nice things for people and don’t expect anything else in return, because that’s how the world is going to be a better place if we just keep doing one nice day a deed and it passes on to one person after another. Acts of kindness are contagious its been proven, because at the end of the day it matters how we’ve treated people not what we own or our occupation. At our funerals people aren’t going to talk about the stuff we owned, they are going to talk about how we treated people and the things we accomplished in life. You want to have people show up to your funeral who actually care for you because of how you treated them and you want them to remember you for those things and think of you as a good person.

You can also take this rule into business as well, customers and partners are going to remember you by how you treated them. Customers aren’t going to come back to your business if you have poor customer service; they will go find a company with the same services that treat the customer base better; but they will also tell other people about their experience with your business and that will effect your business and revenue. On the other hand if you treat them well and give them good customer service they will keep coming back for business but as well as telling other people to choose your business over others. People aren’t going to want to do business with you either if you treat them poorly. Employees aren’t going to stay with your business if you treat them poorly. Moral of the story is to just treat people with respect.

Introduction to the blog

Welcome to the elevated effort blog, I’m an up and coming owner of a business and on this blog I’m going to talk\write about the importance of keeping yourself happy. As well as learning how to achieve that and how to stay positive; as well as helping other people and elevating them to a higher level of happiness because if we are able to make other people happy, its proven to make us feel more happy and feel like we have a sense of meaning in the world. Because when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how much money we made through our lifetime. What really matters is who we helped and how many people we helped because that’s what peoples will remember you by; we remember people by how they treated us, not the kind of possessions they owned.

I will also be talking about the growing passion for entrepreneurship and how there is no better time to be an entrepreneur then now. With the internet and all the other opportunities we have at our fingertips.